We stand behind our work. When you get a repair with us, you get peace of mind that your computer will work great.

We offer limited warranties on all of our repair jobs and these are outlined below:

1. Virus Removal Guarantee – If your computer experiences infections after seven (7) days of receiving it from us, we will repair it again for free. Why is it only 7 days? Well, unfortunately we can not control your (or your kids) internet habits once it leaves our hands. As an example, we had one client that got reinfected 3 times during one week. We helped this client out, but quickly realized that their behavior did not change. They still visited malicious sites that kept reinfecting their computer. Even after explaining how they were getting re-infected, the pattern continued. We will be more than happy to explain safe browsing behaviors, but we can not fix the same problem every couple days indefinitely. Rest assured that when you get your computer back, we have installed all current security updates. In most cases we never hear from virus removal clients again since we do such a great job of eliminating any viruses and installing proactive solutions that prevent re-infection.

2. Hardware Repairs Warranty – We guarantee our work/labor for thirty (30) days. If we made a mistake in our work (cable was not secured properly, hard drive was not secured properly, etc.) we will fix the problem for free. This has never happened though. We take great care with our repairs and make sure that everything is secure and functioning properly before returning it to you. But if it ever does happen, we will take care of you on top of being very embarrased and apologizing profusely. Please note that the 30 day hardware repair warranty ONLY includes our work/labor and DOES NOT include the hardware itself.

3. Hardware Warranty – We source our parts from a variety of quality suppliers. Different suppliers have different warranties and different parts from the same supplier can have different warranties. In any case, your part is covered during the period specified by the supplier/manufacturer. New parts typically have a one (1) year warranty at least. We have obtained parts such as hard drives, motherboards, and screens that carry up to three years of warranty on the parts. Please note that we are not liable for the specific terms of the warranty in these cases. If you drop your laptop and crack your screen, no manufacturer is going to cover that unless you specifically purchased accident coverage. This is pretty standard with almost everything in life. Please also note that the part warranty DOES NOT cover labor. We will be happy to assist you in getting your part replaced under warranty, but we will need to charge an additional labor fee for the time and effort it takes us to replace the part. Of course, if the part fails while we are making the repair, we will cover the costs of the part and labor.

4. Software Warranty – Typically, there is no warranty needed for software repairs or software installations. It either works or it doesn’t. If we did something wrong while installing/repairing your software, we will cover the labor fee for up to thirty (30) days from the day you receive the computer back from us.

Limited Liability

a. Hardware

It is important to note that things can and do go wrong with computers. If we are replacing your screen and your hard drive goes bad while in our care, we are not responsible for the hard drive. This applies to all of our repairs. We can not predict when a part will fail with any certainty in most cases. As such, it is possible that a part unrelated to the part we are repairing goes bad while in our care. This has fortunately never happened to us, but it is a possibility. We will be happy to repair the newly failed part, but it requires the same fees listed for a new repair. Your agreement to have your computer repaired by us signifies that you understand that we are not liable for inadvertent hardware failures.

b. Software

If something goes wrong with your software while we are repairing your hardware (example – a newly installed hardware component conflicts with a peice of software you use), we will work with you to resolve this. If it is software related, we will fix the issue within thirty (30) days of receiving the computer from us.

If you have any questions/concerns about our warranties/guarantees, please contact us. We will be happy to elaborate and ease your concerns.