Be Green! Recycle your old computer for free!

We will recycle your used computer at no cost to you. Ask about our free pickup service at your business or home.

computer recyclingComputers contain toxic compounds that are bad for the environment if not properly handled. The best way to dispose of a computer is to recycle it, but computer recycling services are hard to find and are often expensive. Furthermore, you usually have to haul it to some remote location which takes precious gas and time.

Another potential hazard of disposing your computer, whether through recycling or trashing it, is the potential of someone getting a hold of your computer and the personal files it contains. You do not want a criminal to get your private financial or business data. We will wipe your hard drive clean with military grade disk wiping software before we recycle it so that your data is never seen by anyone else. We will wipe the drive as soon as it gets to our shop so that not even we will see it.

Let us handle your recycling for you so you can rest assured that you are doing the right thing for the environment. Before you trash your dead or old computer, give us a call!