We will replace a damaged or defective hard drive or upgrade to a larger disk drive.

hard drive replacementHard disk drives have an average life of 3-7 years, but they can go bad at any time.

If your hard disk goes bad, we will replace it and install a new hard drive for you. In most cases, data can be recovered from the disk if you need files from the old hard drive.

Unfortunately, there is not a way to tranfer installed programs to a new drive or system with Windows. Fortunately, we can help you reinstall your software and even find you similar programs that cost nothing.

Do you have your operating system disk (Windows Disk)?

The disk that came with your computer, or any Windows disk you may have purchased, is not needed to reinstall your operating system onto the new hard drive assuming you still have the Windows sticker on your computer.

If you do not have the windows sticker that came with your computer, or it is illegible, a new copy of Windows might need to be purchased. Please note that these limitations are due to legal issues. Some freelance computer repair techs will offer to install Windows on your computer for free with a fraudulent code. This is illegal and is punishible by law for both parties. For this reason, we strive to protect our clients from legal issues that may arise from using unauthentic copies of Windows.

If you want to upgrade your hard drive to a larger drive for extra storage, we will install the new hard drive and transfer your entire system. A Windows disk is not needed in this case. We will be happy to purchase a quality drive for you (we have a lot of experience with which brands go bad most frequently) and even install it on-site if you want.

Please contact us for a free quote for hard drive replacements or upgrades.