Upgrade or replace your memory to improve system performance.

We will provide the correct memory for any computer type and install it for you.

memory upgradeReplacing the memory (RAM) in your computer, or upgrading to better memory, can increase the speed and responsiveness of your system and programs.

It is not common, but memory can go bad and need replacing. Symptoms of bad memory include a non-starting computer, or a computer that starts and then quickly shuts off. If it is slowly going bad, you may experience random memory read or write errors in Windows.

If this is the case, you need a computer repair in the form of a memory replacement. We will perform the proper diagnostics and install and test the new compatible memory.

Sometimes clients just want to extend the performance of their system by installing a memory upgrade. With a memory upgrade, your computer system will have more memory which will allow it to perform tasks much quicker in most cases.

ATL Computer Repair will ensure that you get the best compatible memory for your computer in the Atlanta area. We will install the RAM memory and run diagnostics to make sure it is operating at peak performance. Contact us today for a free quote for a memory upgrade for your computer system.