Software Installation for any brand of laptop or desktop computer

It can be frustrating trying to install certain software, especially when you do not know the best options to use. This is particularly true with operating system software such as Microsoft Windows.

Need a new Windows installation? We can do it!

software installationMost operating systems are fairly easy to install these days. There have been numerous advances in the Windows platform (now at Windows 10) in which a lot of the hard work is done automatically for you. Yet, there are subtle complexities to any operating system installation. Should you create a new partition? Do you want to format your existing partition? What the heck is a partition?

Other software can present similar obstacles and it’s advised that you seek a professional. Some software can actually present a security or privacy threat.

We also know the best free software that you can get for almost any application. We will install all the software that you need to run your business or keep you busy with your hobbies.

These questions can puzzle even people that consider themselves “Computer-savvy”. So it’s no surprise that this service is needed and accounts for roughly 10% of our business.

Please call us for a free quote for installing your software and/or OS. We promise to give you quality service at a price that is both reasonable and competitive.