Atlanta Computer System Optimization and Tune-ups

Speed up your computer and get it running like new!

It’s possible to speed up your computer by tweaking your system startup, performing virus and other malware removal, clearing extraneous data, optimizing your system, and installing the proper software for maintenance.

Computer Tune-upWhen your computer boots up, many system processes and programs are loaded. When certain programs are installed, they add a startup entry to your system. Over time, these programs start to consume more and more memory. This can slow the entire system down. ATL Computer Repair has a trained eye for optimizing your system startup so only the programs you need are loaded into memory.

Viruses and other nasties can also slow down a computer system. Often times these do not present very clear symptoms. It is completely possible that your computer is running fine and that it still has multiple infections. It is imperative to catch these infections as soon as possible to prevent them from slowly consuming your system. Another problem is that your security and privacy might be comprimised without you even knowing it.

It’s often the case that privacy concerns crop up in temporary holding locations for web files. We remove these files in all locations in which those files are stored. This typically increases computer speed on its own, but the main benefit comes from freeing up extra storage space for your future files, be it that new hot album or tomorrow’s corporate presentation.

We also install several software solutions that integrate with your system to provide continued support with system maintenance. Our goal is to ensure that your computer continues to operate at its highest efficiency for long after we repair it.

ATL Computer Repair has extensive knowledge with system optimization from years and years of experience. We know the right steps to take to eliminate system slowdowns and return your computer to a state that allows you to use it at its full capacity.