LCD Screen Repair for any brand of laptop or netbook

Before you throw your laptop in the recylcing pile or pay your laptop manufacturer hundreds of dollars for a new screen, give us a call. Broken screens, dim screens, or blank screens:

We can fix it!

laptop screen repairThere are several problems that can occur with laptop screens. They are very delicate and can easily crack or break. In these cases, we will replace the screen with a new screen. The cost of screens varies depending on size and type, or brand of screen. We always buy quality screens at the best price and our fees for labor are very reasonable.

Another common problem that occurs with older laptop screens is a dimming of the screen. In these cases, the screen contents can be seen, but the display is very faint. This is usually caused by a faulty bulb, screen, or inverter. We will correctly diagnose the problem and replace the faulty component.

If you are experiencing a blank (black) screen, then the problem could be the screen, the inverter, the video cable, or the graphics card. We will test the components to determine the problem and promptly fix it.

Please call us for a free quote for fixing your laptop screen problems. We promise to give you quality service at a price that is both reasonable and competitive.