Laptop Power Repair for any brand of laptop or netbook

Laptop power supplies can go bad over time, particularly if the soldering for the power jack is shoddy or has been damaged. Spotty power or no power: We can fix it!

Laptop power issueAny laptop power issue can be repaired. If you are experiencing intermitent power or no power at all, we can probably help you out.

If you are experiencing power problems, then the problem could be one of three things: the outlet supplying power, the power cord, or the power jack on your laptop. We will test the components to determine the problem and promptly fix it. In most cases it requires desoldering the current power jack and soldering a new, functioning one in its place. It’s not something we recommend for most people to try on their own and consequently we get a lot of calls for this issue.

Please call us for a free quote for fixing your laptop power problems. We promise to give you quality service at a price that is both competitive and reasonable.