IT Consultant Atlanta

ATL Computer Repair is the perfect partner for small businesses in the Metro-Atlanta area. Our monthly maintenance package is great for small companies without a dedicated IT staff. Some benefits of using our monthly IT maintenance package include:

  • Server monitoring – We will monitor your server and workstations. If anything needs attention, we will contact you and resolve the problem ASAP. Our goal is to mediate potential problems before you even notice that anything is wrong. We are available day and night and our monitoring software will alert us via email as soon as something wrong is detected.
  • Workstation Maintenance – You shouldn’t have to rely on your employees to keep their workstations running smooth. We will keep all computers connected to the server updated and clean of viruses and other infections. If you have sensitive data on your server that needs to be protected, then we can secure everything for you.
  • Security – We have a firm understanding of the necessary security protocols that need to be established and maintained for your corporate IT environment. We will ensure that all of the security needs that your particular business has are addressed and you will have peace of mind knowing that your data is safe.
  • Backups – Like insurance, backups are a necessity that nobody ever hopes to need. Your server and workstations will be backed up on a recurring schedule. In the event of a server/computer crash or other catastrophe, we can get you back up and running quickly. We value the multi-location philosophy of backups and will help you establish and maintain local and cloud backups.
  • Local, Dedicated Support – If you need us to come to your office, we can be there quickly. We are located conveniently in Smyrna (near I-285) which allows us less than 30 minutes driving time to most metro-Atlanta offices.

Please contact us to schedule a free business IT consultation. We will come to your office to survey your equipment, get to know a little bit about you and your business, and start the process of managing your network.