Five Year Anniversary

It has been a great 5 years serving customers in Metro-Atlanta! To celebrate, we would like to offer our clients,
new and old, some special offers. These services are perfect for tax time!

Computer Tune-up for $29.99

We will clear the junk from your computer and get it running faster. Most computers need this on a yearly basis. Everytime you visit a website, your computer downloads the images, text, and cookies (which identify you personally). Besides being a privacy risk, these website traces build up over time and eat into your available storage space on your hard drive. There are ways to do this yourself, but it takes an expert to really do the job well. Don’t risk your privacy and banking info to save a buck. Trust the professionals and get it done right for the very low price of $29.99. This is a limited time offer and it expires April 30, 2014.

Virus Removal for $39.99

All month in April, we are offering virus removal for only $39.99. Viruses can cripple your computer, but most of the time they are just annoying and prevent you from getting things done. We will clean your computer thoroughly and ensure that your computer operates at peak performance. Our virus removal service also includes the computer tune-up service at no additional cost. Secure your computer privacy (banking info, taxes, personal financial data, etc.) today to prevent unwanted consequences in the future. We have helped hundreds of clients with virus removal and look forward to helping you as well.

***These specials are only valid up until April 30, 2014. These specials require that the client brings the computer to our shop. Pickup/drop off service may require additional fees.Turn-around time is typically 24 hours. Please contact us with any special requests.