I was shocked to read this article the other day. A lawsuit has been filed in Wyoming by a couple that was renting a laptop from Aaron’s. They fell behind on their payments and an Aaron’s manager came by to confiscate the laptop. For some reason, the manager thought it was a good idea to show the couple a printed photo taken from their webcam. Obviously, this raised some concerns for the couple.


It turns out that Aaron’s installs spying software on ALL their computers! They also install hardware inside the computer that can not be properly removed without special equipment. What this means is that they can remotely turn on the web camera and spy on you whenever they feel like it. They can also track all of your activity and record everything you type on your keyboard.

The lawsuit is pending and the lawyers for Aaron’s claim that it is perfectly legal per the contract. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and never rent anything from Aaron’s.

Scary stuff!

You can read the full news article here: