We are now officially a limited liability company, ATL Computer Repair Georgia, LLC.

As we make it our business to help other small businesses, we will outline the steps for establishing an LLC in Georgia. It will save you $40 versus using a website like legalzoom.com, or more costly, hiring a lawyer. It’s really fairly simple and you don’t need a law degree to jump through the hoops.

Step 1:

Once you have your business plan, or at least an idea, a name, and a drive, you can search your name at the Secretary of State website to see if your name (or a derivation thereof) is already taken. Here is the link for the search:


Follow this link to get to the LLC transmittal form. You will want to fill it out online and then print several copies. If you try to save the file, it will erase any information you type into the form. If you want a digital copy, it’s best to scan in a signed copy.


Step 2:

You will need to draw up “Articles of Organization“.

This can be as simple or as complicated as you want. This link offers a simple and acceptable Articles of Organization template. You can use it as is (after you replace the default variables with your own information) or you can add onto it if your organization requires certain legalese.


Step 3:

Print 2 copies of your Articles of Organization and sign them. Print one copy of your LLC transmittal PDF that you filled out in step 1, then date it and sign it.

Step 4:

Mail all three documents to the address at the top of the pdf form that you printed in step1.

That’s it! You will receive an email with your “certificate” in 5-8 business days (or 12 days if they are very busy). They will also snail-mail your documents.