ATL Computer Repair has serviced many computers recently that were first taken to Geek Squad at Best Buys. In almost all the cases, Geek Squad gave the customer the wrong diagnosis. Some of the customers were upset with their timeliness and all were appalled at the prices quoted.

Yet, day after day, people go to them and spend hundreds of dollars for a repair that we can do for less than half the cost. Don’t be one of these people. Shop around and get a reasonable quote for your repair, and then call us. A customer recently told us that Geek Squad wanted $200 just to diagnose their issue. That is ridiculous. We will find the problem for free if you decide to do the repair with us. We’re happy to say that 100% of our diagnostic business becomes repair business. Our customers are always happy and that helps with our word of mouth business.

While Geek Squad can provide good service, we’ve been surprised at how often they do not. It is unacceptable to tell a customer that the motherboard is bad when it is actually the power supply. Likewise, it is terrible to say that the memory is bad, when it is actually the motherboard. A correct diagnosis is crucial to a successful repair. We theorize that a lot of these mistakes come from lack of experience. Most of the employees at every Geek Squad we’ve seen have been very young people. Supposedly, some of the employees are still in school or training. That is simply no match for 20+ years of computer repair experience.

So give us a call today for a free quote and skip the super high rates from Geek Squad.