Almost everyone has experienced some form of virus or malware infection that causes system instabilities or crashes. What if there was a way to surf the web in Windows without having to worry about the security of your system? Well, in fact, there are many ways to secure your system against infections you may incur from browsing.

“Sandbox” is a computer term that basically means a place you can play around and it is completely isolated from your system so that anything that happens in the sandbox, stays in the sandbox. Computer techs use these frequently to test unstable installations, test suspected infected sites, and many more various tasks that require isolating infections and instabilities from the root installation on the machine.

“Ok, but how can I use this and why would I want to? Isn’t it only for geeky people?”

The reason you might want to use this is to surf the net with much less concern about system security. If you happen to secretly collect some spyware cookies from malicious sites or get a virus from that innocuous looking video your friend sent you showing a kitty meowing along with a piano player, it will not crash your system. Or perhaps you received a suspicious email and want to check out the link, but don’t want to run the risk of causing a virus infection. You can surf the web and check links in the sandbox. Leave the sandbox and all the nasties stay in the sandbox, where they can do no harm, or even access, the rest of your system.

The latest incarnation that I’ve discovered is actually created by Dell. It’s called KACE and it utilizes the Firefox browser preloaded with flash and adobe reader plugins. I recommend everyone running Windows give it a try. It could mean the difference between having no problems and having to call ATL Computer Repair to do virus removal.

You can download KACE here: https://www.kace.com/resources/secure-browser
(note: you need to fill out a basic form on the right to gain access to download link)

To read more about KACE, click here: https://www.informationweek.com/news/smb/security/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=225900195

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