SEO is Search Engine Optimization

When people search for certain phrases, like “pool maintenance”, Google, or other search engines like Bing, provide results that their mathematical algorithms have determined to be relevant to your search. SEO is thus essential for any business. SEO experts provide this service to bring more people to the client’s site. The days of phone books are dead. People are looking for you on the internet. Are they finding you?

SEO – The Basic Approach

The tried and true approach to SEO is two-fold.

  • Site content
  • Backlinking

Site content is essential. Imagine a website that is selling frisbees that does not have the word “frisbee” anywhere on their page. Google, and other search engines (by the way, Google represents 80% of searches on the internet), will not see that Frisbee page as relevant for a search for “frisbees”.

Think about it.

Google has a vested interest in providing *relevant* content to people that use their searching service. Your content must reflect the purpose of your end goal. If you are selling frisbees, it better be really clear to any visitor of your website that you are selling frisbees. It might sound silly that I’m harping on this, but it is too often the case that the website content does not reflect what is actually provided.

SEO works with website content to optimize various elements of your website’s pages to get the attention of Google.

Your webpages have header information known as meta tags. You can specify the title of your website as well as a description and keywords. This information is used by Google to rank your website (remember, it’s all about relevancy).

It’s also important to include your keywords in your body text of your website. These keywords should compliment your keyword list in your meta tags.

SEO can only work if you coordinate these various elements of your web site.

Backlinking – Drawing trafiic to your site

Backlinking is when another independent site links to your site. Search engines value this information highly and will use this information to rank your site on their search indexes. It is crucial that any website have a linking campaign. Google likes to see that your site is “recommended by others”. In some cases, backlinking can make or break a company. If you are not doing this for your site, you are losing business, plain and simple.

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I’m hungry now. I think I’ll search for “pizza Atlanta” and choose the first or second option that Google gives me. 😉

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