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They were very helpful and knowledgeable. They came to my house and fixed my computer (viruses). It now runs much faster and it is good to know I now have a local and affordable repair company to call next time.

Kudzu.com - MargaritaSi   

Finally a computer repair man who knows what he is talking about! Keith is a fast worker, knows his stuff, and came to me. The cost was more than reasonable and now my computer works great! I would highly recommend.

Kudzu.com - Maddux3   

Thanks for helping me get my files off of my hard drive. I was seriously freaking out about not having it for the presentation that day! You were the only one who could work immediately and you were a 1/3 of the price. Thanks again!

Kudzu.com - kevin004   

A virus crippled the operating system and every application on my laptop. I was told by one computer professional that I'd either have to replace the hard drive entirely or purchase a new computer. Thanks to Keith, I didn't have to do either. He backed up my files, cleaned my hard drive, and reinstalled the applicable software and files. He also installed a free anti-virus software that he recommended. My computer is as good as new, and I saved hundreds of dollars, in part, because his fees are so reasonable. Keith was also extremely helpful with advice on preventing such infections in the future. I'll use him again, and I highly recommend him to others. Great work!

Kudzu.com - gaconsumer   

I was about to throw a 5 year old laptop into a dump. He was able to get rid of all the viruses and the laptop is like brand new now. The service and cost were excellent.

Kudzu.com - Jackson123   

Keith was able to repair the screen on my laptop saving me tons! Also, I think he is honest and would use him for other computer repair in the future, his rates are better than others I called. Thanks again, Keith!

Kudzu.com - monkeysmuggler   

I had so many problems with my computer. It would not boot up and it is only eighteen months old. I took it to a well-known store that has a computer repair dept. in the store and was told I would be better off buying a new computer. They told me the motherboard was bad.

I called ATL Computer Repair and the tech came to my home and repaired my computer. He was professional and fair and clearly knew what he was doing. The motherboar was fine. It was a software issue that the tech diagnosed and resolved very quickly.

I highly recommend ATL Computer Repair.

Kudzu.com - TomJoad   

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