How to Enable F8 Boot Menu for Windows 10 (and Windows 8)

In previous versions of Windows, it was really handy to be able to press F8 during startup to enable a boot time menu allowing you to choose Safe Mode and other special boot options. Since Windows 8, that functionality is gone and is replaced with Fast Boot which doesn’t give you the chance to press F8 to pull up this menu. That doesn’t mean you have to go without this option though. With a quick command, we can tell Windows to re-enable this option. This Continue reading →

PC Tech Support Scams

These scams have been increasing in frequency lately. Arm yourself with the knowledge to spot these malicious attempts to extort money from you. PCMatic has a great blog post about the three common approaches these villains take and how to avoid them.

Windows 10 is Arriving Tomorrow

By now you may have heard that Microsoft is releasing the newest version of its Windows operating system, Windows 10. They will begin selling it online tomorrow, July 29, and will also start to roll it out to those that have indicated that they would like a free upgrade. Free Upgrade The free upgrade is available to most computer users as long as they are currently running Windows 7 or Windows 8. You may have already signed up for this by clicking on the windows Continue reading →

Windows Update kb3058515 Error 80092004

This update has caused a bit of a problem recently. The update is related to Internet Explorer 11 and is listed as a critical update by Microsoft. It patches a security vulnerability that can allow an attacker to gain control of a host computer. Obviously this is an important update. Many users have reported getting error 80092004 while trying to apply this update through Windows Update. On our computers here, we only have one Windows 7 computer that has this problem. The other computers running Continue reading →

The Best Antivirus Solutions

Viruses, Trojans, Malware, Rootkits…they all spell disaster. The best way to deal with these threats to your data and computer access is to be proactive; using a multi-tiered approach. In this article, I’ll explain some of the ways viruses infect computers and the best methods for prevention and cleanup. Malware is the general term for unwanted/harmful software that is installed on a computer, typically without the user’s knowledge. Viruses, Trojans, and Spyware all fall into this category. The typical scenario involves a computer that functions Continue reading →