Thumbtack Profile

We now have a profile on Thumbtack. You can check out our profile by visiting the link below: Computer repair Thumbtack provides an easy way to submit a job request and then have companies bid on your job. If you get a chance, please stop over there and leave us a review. Of course, it’s easier and faster to just contact us directly, but it’s just another option.

Windows XP is Coming to an End – What You Need to Know

Windows XP has been one of the best operating systems ever created by Microsoft, only rivaled by Windows 7 in my opinion. But it is old…really old by tech standards. Windows XP came out in 2001 (13 years ago) and Microsoft has decided to pull the plug on it (on April 8 to be exact). Regardless of whether you want to continue using XP or you want to upgrade to a newer operating system, you will need to know your options. In this article, I Continue reading →

5 Year Anniversary Sale!

Five Year Anniversary It has been a great 5 years serving customers in Metro-Atlanta! To celebrate, we would like to offer our clients, new and old, some special offers. These services are perfect for tax time! Computer Tune-up for $29.99 We will clear the junk from your computer and get it running faster. Most computers need this on a yearly basis. Everytime you visit a website, your computer downloads the images, text, and cookies (which identify you personally). Besides being a privacy risk, these website Continue reading →

Computer Privacy Concerns

Privacy We all have lifes online, but we are also usually complacent when it comes to privacy concerns. For most computer users, the privacy invasions happen all the time, without the knowledge, and sometimes consent, of the end user. There is lots of software out there that keeps this threat dynamic, meaning that you can update your software and patch things, but you will always be one step behind the agents of chaos. In other words, virus makers and online theives have the upper hand. Continue reading →

Cryptolocker – The worst computer virus you can get

Cryptolocker has been rearing its ugly head lately and it is probably one of the worst viruses out there because it hijacks your data with encryption and then charges you $400 to remove the encryption. Some antivirus programs are powerless to stop this infection. In most cases, infections seem to be caused by viruses embedded in email links or attachments. As always, please be careful when opening email, even if it is seemingly sent from one of your contacts. It is always best to write Continue reading →